Request Food

Requests are anonymous, and will be identified by phone number and email. 

Food is for anyone in need during these uncertain times, no questions asked.*

Food is delivered without contact to abide by COVID prevention measures. 

Requests for delivery may also be made by calling Here2Help at 240-630-2733.


Las solicitudes de entrega también se pueden hacer llamando a Here2Help al 


* Please note:  Here2Help tries to accommodate all requests, but please understand that during times of particularly high demand, we may need to prioritize deliveries to the following zip codes:   20814, 20815, 20816, 20825, 20895, 20902 , 20906, and 20910.

Information and links for other Montgomery County food assistance resources are available at
Información y enlaces para otros recursos de asistencia alimentaria del Condado de Montgomery están disponibles en