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SSL Guide

Thank you for volunteering!  


Volunteering with Here2Help is a PTSA-approved and sponsored activity.  Here2Help will confirm your participation, then pass along your form for your school’s PTSA president to sign.*


Steps for getting SSL forms signed

  1. Students can download the Here2Help SSL form below, then complete and submit it to Here2Help's team at for the purpose of confirming your participation. Please attach the PDF below with only Section I completed and the dates you volunteered in your email.  


  2. We will review your form, per the list of approved activities and hours below, then either forward it to the appropriate PTSA president for signature, or return it with an explanation of why it was not forwarded.

  3. After confirmation from us, forms will be signed by

    Lyric Winnick for B-CC High School

    Sarah Lenart for Silver Creek Middle School

    Michelle Grossman for Westland Middle School

Approved activities and hours

  • Receiving/sorting donations:  Unpack and sort donated supplies

    Performed on-site:  Hours based on in/out log
    Performed remotely:  10 minutes per bag


  •  Preparing deliveries: Pack bags of food for a recipient family

    Performed on-site:  Hours based on in/out log
    Performed remotely:  15 minutes per prepared delivery


  • Assistance with deliveries:  Direct driver to addresses; load/unload bags
    NOTE:  Students cannot earn hours for driving.  Student volunteers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

    20 minutes per stop


  • Delivery coordination: Compile requests from the database; write instructions for delivery prep teams; prepare maps & instructions for delivery drivers

    15 minutes per delivery request



* Note:  To better understand the context for this guide, please see the MCPS guide for virtual/remote SSL opportunities at

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