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SSL Guide

Thank you for volunteering!  


Volunteering with Here2Help is a Montgomery County approved SSL activity. Please read the directions below on how to get your form signed. 


Steps for getting SSL forms signed

  1. Students can download the Here2Help SSL form below, fill it out with the approved activity, and email a PDF it to


​2. It will be reviewed by a member of our team for signature approval and returned to you to be turned in. 


Approved activities and hours

  •  Preparing deliveries: Pack bags of food for a recipient family

    Performed on-site:  Hours based on in/out log


  • Dispatch: Compile requests from the database; confirm family requests for pick up; and send spreadsheet  instructions for packing team once a week.

    15 minutes per delivery request


  • We do not offer SSL hours for bread pick up. 



* Note:  To better understand the context for this guide, please see the MCPS guide for virtual/remote SSL opportunities at

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